7 in 1 Facial Skin Spa - essential.merch
7 in 1 Facial Skin Spa - essential.merch
7 in 1 Facial Skin Spa - essential.merch
7 in 1 Facial Skin Spa - essential.merch
7 in 1 Facial Skin Spa - essential.merch
7 in 1 Facial Skin Spa - essential.merch

7 in 1 Facial Skin Spa

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Our Facial Skin Spa cleanses your face to unveil the perfect canvas!

The Facial Skin Spa is a dual-speed, rotary device designed to address the needs of multiple skin types all in one system. Our skin changes with the weather and skincare routines should too. Luckily, this system is designed to fit the needs of your skin year-round.

You'll be amazed from the first time you use this, the deep clean will leave your skin feeling super clean and refreshed.  

The Electric Facial Rejuvenation Cleaner is shaking up the cleansing world with its gentle vibrations. It is clinically proven to clean up to 10 times better than regular cleansing. The vibrating power-cleanser works better than what your hands can do alone--providing deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation and massaging in one easy step. It's guaranteed to leave skin feeling softer and smoother after just 1 use, and cleans 10x deeper to remove more oil, dirt, and makeup than traditional cleansing. It's so gentle you can use it daily.  
Power cleanser penetrates deep into pores for fresh, beautiful skin  
Disposable deep clean pads wash away dirt, oil, and makeup  
Eliminate the dark color of skin, brown spots  
Eliminate puffiness, dark circles and puffiness effectively  
Keep your oil and sebum production in check, reducing blackheads and acne  
Ergonomic shape fits perfectly in your hand  
Indispensable facial care kits for you  
Gentle enough to use every day  
Massage head diameter: Approx.3.8cm  
Sponge pad diameter: Approx.3.7cm  
Main body Size: Approx.6.5*6.3*4.0cm(L*W*H)  
Color: As shown  
Material: ABS resin  
Power: 1.5V AA battery  

1. Simply attach a disposable pad to the attachment head.  
2. Hold power-cleanser under running water to activate foaming pad.  
3. Turn on cleanser by pressing power button and gently massage over face. Avoid the delicate eye area.  
4. Rinse face throughly and dispose of pad after each use. 
 scrub. Get ready to glow! This works with your favorite cleanser.

This set includes:

  • 1 x Facial cleaner & massager  
  • 1 x Soft brush  
  • 1 x Grind arenaceous massage head  
  • 1 x Sponge makeup massage head  
  • 1 x Latex sponge makeup head  
  • 1 x 360 degree massage head  
  • 1 x Funnel pattern massage head  
  • 1 x Serried spot massage head  
  • 8 x Sponge makeup pad  
  • 2 x Grind arenaceous pad  
  • 2 x Latex sponge pad 

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